Sibrydion Cymuned (Community Whispers)

Editor: Peter Barnes

Publisher's Statement

We generally publish 7500 copies of the magazine and they were distributed widely in the given area. As we are adding to the circulation number and area for distribution, gradually and have, since starting the magazine, the number of copies produced, since October November 2008, has multiplied by more than 8 times.

We also distribute it through the Internet, as an electronic file on social media and to a mailing list. We estimate that there are at least 12,000 readers, (a modest estimate) maybe more, who look out for it when it is published, and for many, delivered to their doors.

The readership likes the local information and local interest articles, and keep the magazine for reference for the adverts and events. The circulation area is listed on the front of the magazine, and Sibrydion is now being distributed as far up the coast as Harlech as well, as more volunteers have identified themselves.


Files for adverts are to be submitted in pdf format in the highest resolution, minimum 300 dpi, and preferably emailed to the publisher. High-quality files are required.

If you do not have a file, for an advert, we can refer you to our favoured graphic designer, who can give you a very reasonable quote, for creating an attractive advert for you. Alternatively, you may have a designer you already use. It is well worth having a well-constructed advert, which catches the readers’ eyes and gets your message across.

Sizes of files required to fit*

1/8th page 4.5cm x 6.5cm

1/6th page 6.5cm x 6.5cm

1/4 page 9.25 x 6.5cm

1/3 page 6.5cm x 12.25cm

1/2 page 9.25cm x 12.25cm

Full page 18.5cm x 12.25cm

Click here to view our current rate card.

Every endeavour is made to get invoices out promptly. We welcome payment in advance, on booking, by credit card, as invoices are sent by email once the booking is taken. If no email, they are printed and posted. Payment is requested by return on receipt of the invoice. Payment before going to print is very much preferred.

After the 14th day after sending the invoice, a late payment fee of £20 will be added to the amount charged, which will also be due from that day. To avoid this, please pay promptly. We do our best to give you good value for money.

Prompt payment is necessary as this is a very small, and largely a community enterprise publication, and so there are not large reserves to pay for the printing, admin and distribution costs.

I think the magazine has really matured into something that people look forward to, want to pick up and read and like to refer back to. That makes the advertising good value for money.

You've done a great job and I hope you can keep it going

Jon Pike owner of Lloyd Jones Estate Agents

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